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The cable industry’s energy challenge and what we can do about it

Last April, SCTE-ISBE hooked up with Comcast and Liberty Global to set-up a contest aiming to address the ‘elephant in the room’, energy consumption in broadband and especially in Hybrid Fibre Cable (HFC) networks. The contest was set to collect... Continue Reading →

Churn: What can be done before revenues are impaired?

Many organisations have optimised their processes in an effort to find new customers. But as markets reach a mature state, customer retention becomes a pivotal strategic challenge for such organisations.  Churn is commonly defined as the actions whereby customers discard... Continue Reading →

Think about your access ecosystem Typically, an HFC access network is the network between headends and wall outlets. Optical access is terminated in the fibre nodes and RF access in the wall outlets. What might easily be forgotten is the fact that all of... Continue Reading →

DOCSIS 3.1 takes cable industry to “Gigasphere”

Global IP traffic has been experiencing an era of intensive growth, which is expected to continue strongly in the next coming years. The development is highly driven by IP video consumption, resulting in an enormous increase in demand for network capacity. Fortunately, cable operators are in an excellent position to meet the demand in a cost-efficient and competitive manner.

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