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Full Duplex DOCSIS®, European perspective, Part 1

Studies covering possibilities of the FDX DOCSIS technology are available but focus on network architectures and needs of North American cable operators [1, 2]. While networks and needs of European cable operators are in many ways similar to their American... Continue Reading →

Top 10 frequently asked questions about implementing DOCSIS within Hospitality Industry

I spend a lot of time talking to integrators and hotel owners discussing the subject of utilising their existing coax cabling. To many this is a totally new concept, that coax can be more than just delivering TV pictures, but... Continue Reading →

Churn: What can be done before revenues are impaired?

Many organisations have optimised their processes in an effort to find new customers. But as markets reach a mature state, customer retention becomes a pivotal strategic challenge for such organisations.  Churn is commonly defined as the actions whereby customers discard... Continue Reading →

Noise Figure in full digital transmission, useful or dangerous?

Take your favourite CD and switch on your CD player. Connect it directly to your audio amplifier and turn up the volume to its maximum. Everything works if the audio level in the amplifier input is relatively low but not... Continue Reading →

What is required from the 4K QAM headend?

DOCSIS® 3.1 introduces new modulation schemes, of which the most advanced is called 4K QAM. Transmitting and receiving advanced constellations while maintaining a decent Bit Error Ratio is not going to be easy. What does it actually require? How should... Continue Reading →

Polarized broadband debate in Finland

During the recent months, there has been an intensive debate in Finland about broadband services and technologies. Unfortunately the discussion has turned out to be rather polarized. To simplify, one could say that the views are divided in two camps:... Continue Reading →

Do you really care if 1.2 GHz HFC networks can carry full-blown DOCSIS® 3.1?

Many care, yet only few require - although everybody should rememBER. Cable TV industry talks about DOCSIS 3.1. It brings salvation, has an extremely effective forward error correction and supports 4k QAM. Funnily enough, as always, the devil is in... Continue Reading →

FM radio meets DOCSIS 3.1… and then what?

It is strange that in our fast paced digital world, there are still some analogue legacy platforms in our daily lives that are actually slowing down digitalisation. No, I am not talking about returning the tax forms, or scanning in... Continue Reading →

DOCSIS dominates in NGA but what is 3D?

Today, DOCSIS is the most widely used high-speed broadband technology. The triumph continues when operators are capable of using DOCSIS 3.1 on a larger scale. This requires upgrading of network infrastructures including active and passive HFC products. Many operators trusted... Continue Reading →

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