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Distributed architecture

Digital fibre and distributed CMTS provides a weaker video viewing experience…

…but this can be solved if the components are designed carefully. First of all, I find it funny to call fibre either analog or digital. Like fibre would know what kind of light it carries. In the cable TV industry,... Continue Reading →

High-speed Internet and premium video experiences everywhere?

As we know, the need for bandwidth is ever growing. Also the consumption of online video content increases rapidly. Following these facts, the pipe to the building has grown quickly from 1Mbps to over 100+ Mbps for the standard subscriber.... Continue Reading →

Tactical weapon for fighting red cells

With HD video and new streaming services, consumer demand for more bandwidth seems to know no bounds. Upgrading networks to meet the demands is becoming more and more expensive, and sometimes the costs are too high to justify new investments.... Continue Reading →

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