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Customer experience

High-speed Internet and premium video experiences everywhere?

As we know, the need for bandwidth is ever growing. Also the consumption of online video content increases rapidly. Following these facts, the pipe to the building has grown quickly from 1Mbps to over 100+ Mbps for the standard subscriber.... Continue Reading →

Greetings from ANGA COM 2015, the leading cable show for broadband operators and content providers in Europe!

This year, ANGA COM gathered together around 450 companies from 35 countries covering such key topics of the industry as TV everywhere, video-on-demand, multiscreen, cloud TV, all-over-IP, broadband expansion, FTTH, DOCSIS 3.1, Ultra HD, DVB-T2, connected home, RDK, Wi-Fi, CCAP,... Continue Reading →

Reaching the customer – on a journey beyond the customer life cycle

What could be more important to our business than improving sales and customer relationships? In order to keep and get customers, we need to understand how and in which situations we contact our customers, how the customers’ experience of us... Continue Reading →

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