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5G – The ultimate solution for ’all-things-mobile’?

It has been already a while, since the term 5G started to pop up here and there. It was already prior 2011, when first critics were skeptical for 5G [1]. Rather soon after that, 5G was already on the ‘sketching... Continue Reading →

Who controls remote controls?

Cable operators aggregated content long before broadband connections were part of their portfolio. Since broadband connections started to increase ARPU’s of Cable TV operators, they also gave access to various OTT players. Perhaps the most known has been Netflix, but... Continue Reading →

What is required from the 4K QAM headend?

DOCSIS® 3.1 introduces new modulation schemes, of which the most advanced is called 4K QAM. Transmitting and receiving advanced constellations while maintaining a decent Bit Error Ratio is not going to be easy. What does it actually require? How should... Continue Reading →

Replacing inventory with information?

From the late 90’s until today one of the top slogans in discussions of supply chain management has been “replacing inventory with information”. This inherently sounds like a good idea – why wouldn’t it be a good thing to replace... Continue Reading →

Efficient and robust wireless infrastructure is essential for public transport

It has always been challenging to build 24/7 working and reliable, better yet customer satisfying wireless infrastructure to this mobile and ‘living organism’ called public transport. The public transport is not only about moving vehicles, which are time to time... Continue Reading →

Celebrating 20 years of IoT

Our first HFC devices were connected to the Internet in 1996. Three years before IoT was introduced. Today, a majority of our devices are equipped with transponders and what we used to call ‘remote connection’ is now called the Internet... Continue Reading →

Simplification of the supply chain – great benefits for our customers

Late in 2014 we started a simple project at our factory in Finland to create a weekly schedule for our shipping department, managed by our transportation specialist, Kerttu Pirttikoski-Munsin. We were facing a problem of uneven workload during the working... Continue Reading →

Polarized broadband debate in Finland

During the recent months, there has been an intensive debate in Finland about broadband services and technologies. Unfortunately the discussion has turned out to be rather polarized. To simplify, one could say that the views are divided in two camps:... Continue Reading →

Digital fibre and distributed CMTS provides a weaker video viewing experience…

…but this can be solved if the components are designed carefully. First of all, I find it funny to call fibre either analog or digital. Like fibre would know what kind of light it carries. In the cable TV industry,... Continue Reading →

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