Arttu Purmonen
Vice President, System Marketing

arttu blog profile2I joined Teleste in 1997 and engineered video processing and data transmission products. At that time, DVB and ATM/SDH were big things. I’m happy to see that still today DVB is in the picture although broadband data drives us and many of our customers. IP monopolizes Layer 3 but I explore what this means to network layers below it and for services above it.

I have worked as engineer, project manager, product manager and business director but understanding customer perspective has always motivated me. It brought me to be responsible for system and technical marketing where my internal driving force and former experience can party together.

The latest network, connected home and video processing technologies are always introducing new three letter acronyms that need to be explained. Besides acronyms, my interest lies in comparing different network architectures and finding out optimal migration paths to achieve the wished outcome.

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Jussi Laaksonen
Director, Supply Chain

200231_LaaksonenJussiI decided to participate in this blog to explore some of the many supply chain management issues encountered by me and my colleagues at Teleste’s Operations, Logistics and Sourcing. The topics will cover inventory management, sales and operations planning, logistics and customer service. I hope that readers will get an insight of the logistics beyond Teleste’s products and perhaps some new ideas to take to work or reinforcement for your current thinking.

I have approximately 20 years of supply chain management under my belt, ranging from purchasing to sales and from large multinationals to startups. Currently, I am heading a team in Teleste that works with inventories, shipping, transportation and customer service.

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Mirkka Lamppu

Manager, CEM & Communications

mirkka4 blog profileMy background lies in customer service and from there derives my passion for customers and CRM. Currently, I work in Teleste Corporate Marketing with the focus on customer experience and communications, aiming at developing customer experience related issues at Teleste.

As Teleste’s offering of products and solutions is at the centre of digitalization, creating means for the rapid development of new broadband services, digitalization is close to also my heart. I am intrigued by its effects on customer experience and the changes it brings to the customer journey.

How does digitalization impact our ways to provide added value to our customers throughout the entire customer journey? How can we approach our customer through the right channels with the right message and at the right time and how can our customers reach us?  What kind of options do we have to monitor customer satisfaction and ensure that we deliver a consistently good experience?

These are some of the topics that I have been pondering about lately – seeing the customer at the centre of digital migration.

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Jani Väre, PhD.
Senior Technology Manager, Video Security and Information Solutions

Jani Vare 2I’m heading research, innovation and standardization activities within Teleste’s Video Security and Information business unit. The focus in our team is to create enablers and IPR for the holistic end-to-end solutions in versatile markets. At the moment our core focus is in public transport and especially in various rail systems, which include long haul rail, metro and trams. Recently we have been busy in developing several patent pending wireless applications for the public transport systems.

Working in my current role follows the same path which I took almost two decades ago, when I started my career in Nokia with the very same topics; research, innovation and standardization. Back then I was working with technologies designed for mobile phones. Now, the mobile phones have switched to public transport systems, but the essence of problematics, challenges and technologies are almost the same.

Inventing anything new is always the thrill that keeps me going. It’s hard to say anything that feels better than coming up with new novel idea or concept and creating a solution for some existing problem. The last time I checked my patent count, the figure was 143 granted patents globally.

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Jonathan Rigby
Director of Hospitality & AV

Jonathan RigbyI head up the newly formed Hospitality and AV business unit within Teleste where we focus on selling Teleste Solutions to enable Video and Data distribution. My business unit also sells a range of products and solutions from third party manufacturers such as Home Automation from Legrand and HDMI distribution from Purelink and ZeeVee.

During the late 80’s and 90’s I spent most of my time focused on Cable TV, but in the early 2000’s my company started to branch out into Home Networking and Automation.

Over the past 15 years I’ve witnessed simple wired networks evolve into complex automation solutions and enjoy staying abreast of these changes.

At Teleste, a number of our solutions enable operators/integrators to deliver high speed data/wifi, HD TV and IP over existing coaxial infrastructure. The challenge of delivering even higher data rates and 4K TV is an interesting topic to keep up with.

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Jason Dando
Busines Development  Manager, Teleste Hospitality & AV

jason-dandoI am the business development manager for the Hospitality and AV business unit within Teleste where we focus on selling Teleste Solutions to enable Video and Data distribution. My business unit also sells a range of products and solutions from third party manufacturers such as Home Automation from Legrand and HDMI distribution from Purelink and ZeeVee.

I have over 20 years of sales experience in the AV industry, and have seen the industry grow  from basic screens and projectors, into the exciting and innovative solutions that we see today. 10 years ago I became involved in the Cable TV industry where I have seen the resurgence of IP over coax as technology, and watched it spread from Operator networks, into Hospitality and home distribution networks.

The ever increasing demand from consumers for faster Internet access, is something that Teleste live and breathe every day, in order to continually exceed the demands of our customers by offering a faster, safer and smoother delivery of their internet data and video content.

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Matti Nurmi

Matti Nurmi worked several years as a Regional Directmatti-nurmi-022017or (Nordics, Belgium, Switzerland) of Network Services at Teleste. In May 2017, he moved on to pursue new challenges in his career. We wish to thank him for his contribution to our blog and wish him the very best in future!

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