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Arttu Purmonen

Do you really care if 1.2 GHz HFC networks can carry full-blown DOCSIS® 3.1?

Many care, yet only few require - although everybody should rememBER. Cable TV industry talks about DOCSIS 3.1. It brings salvation, has an extremely effective forward error correction and supports 4k QAM. Funnily enough, as always, the devil is in... Continue Reading →

Think about your access ecosystem Typically, an HFC access network is the network between headends and wall outlets. Optical access is terminated in the fibre nodes and RF access in the wall outlets. What might easily be forgotten is the fact that all of... Continue Reading →

DOCSIS dominates in NGA but what is 3D?

Today, DOCSIS is the most widely used high-speed broadband technology. The triumph continues when operators are capable of using DOCSIS 3.1 on a larger scale. This requires upgrading of network infrastructures including active and passive HFC products. Many operators trusted... Continue Reading →

MoCA – home networking over existing coax cabling

During the last three years 25 million North American homes were equipped with MoCA technology. Why this is not yet happening in Europe? Is there some fundamental difference? A short answer would be “no”, but let us explain why. Do... Continue Reading →

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