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Matti Nurmi

Thank you Teleste, our customers and partners!

This is now my last blog post at the Teleste Blog. After almost 11 years in the company, I am leaving Teleste at the end of the ongoing week. I will start on the other side of the table, as... Continue Reading →

Great field technicians – What are they made of?

As we already live in the midst of the networked society with broadband, mobile, cloud, applications and services connecting us, let’s turn focus on the a group of professionals whose everyday work makes it all possible: the field technicians. They... Continue Reading →

Polarized broadband debate in Finland

During the recent months, there has been an intensive debate in Finland about broadband services and technologies. Unfortunately the discussion has turned out to be rather polarized. To simplify, one could say that the views are divided in two camps:... Continue Reading →

FM radio meets DOCSIS 3.1… and then what?

It is strange that in our fast paced digital world, there are still some analogue legacy platforms in our daily lives that are actually slowing down digitalisation. No, I am not talking about returning the tax forms, or scanning in... Continue Reading →

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