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Jason Dando

I am the business development manager for the Hospitality and AV business unit within Teleste where we focus on selling Teleste Solutions to enable Video and Data distribution. My business unit also sells a range of products and solutions from third party manufacturers such as Home Automation from Legrand and HDMI distribution from Purelink and ZeeVee. I have over 20 years of sales experience in the AV industry, and have seen the industry grow from basic screens and projectors, into the exciting and innovative solutions that we see today. 10 years ago I became involved in the Cable TV industry where I have seen the resurgence of IP over coax as technology, and watched it spread from Operator networks, into Hospitality and home distribution networks. The ever increasing demand from consumers for faster Internet access, is something that Teleste live and breathe every day, in order to continually exceed the demands of our customers by offering a faster, safer and smoother delivery of their internet data and video content.

You had me at hello, You lost me at Log in

This is a hospitality story of romance, expectation and disappointment, but like all the best stories, it has a happy ending. Hotel romance is easy to find in the digital age - a host of booking apps with pretty pictures... Continue Reading →

Implementing DOCSIS within the Hospitality Industry

In the industry today, hospitality providers are under pressure to supply users with access to high-speed internet, IPTV and WIFI services. Unfortunately, older properties do not have the correct infrastructure needed for adequate network access, with the only option for... Continue Reading →

Ensuring hospitality guests get that better than at home internet and TV experience

At this year’s ISE show, we  are very excited to be showing you how you can extend your existing IP infrastructure into every TV point of a property without having to run any new CAT5 cabling. Something that is often... Continue Reading →

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