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Jani Väre

I’m heading research, innovation and standardization activities within Teleste’s Video Security and Information business unit. The focus in our team is to create enablers and IPR for the holistic end-to-end solutions in versatile markets. At the moment our core focus is in public transport and especially in various rail systems, which include long haul rail, metro and trams. Recently we have been busy in developing several patent pending wireless applications for the public transport systems. Working in my current role follows the same path which I took almost two decades ago, when I started my career in Nokia with the very same topics; research, innovation and standardization. Back then I was working with technologies designed for mobile phones. Now, the mobile phones have switched to public transport systems, but the essence of problematics, challenges and technologies are almost the same. Inventing anything new is always the thrill that keeps me going. It’s hard to say anything that feels better than coming up with new novel idea or concept and creating a solution for some existing problem. The last time I checked my patent count, the figure was 143 granted patents globally.

5G gaining larger footprint in public transport

The first phase of the “Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS)” study item in 3gpp, which targets to define unified mobile communication platform for the rail systems, is close to completion and it seems that there is more to come.... Continue Reading →

5G – The ultimate solution for ’all-things-mobile’?

It has been already a while, since the term 5G started to pop up here and there. It was already prior 2011, when first critics were skeptical for 5G [1]. Rather soon after that, 5G was already on the ‘sketching... Continue Reading →

Efficient and robust wireless infrastructure is essential for public transport

It has always been challenging to build 24/7 working and reliable, better yet customer satisfying wireless infrastructure to this mobile and ‘living organism’ called public transport. The public transport is not only about moving vehicles, which are time to time... Continue Reading →

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